Project & Construction Management Tool

We Are Provide Architecture & Construction Solutions

Construction Projects are complex operations with multiple stakeholders like client, architect, contractor, sub contractor, vendors, workers etc. Right from planning, approval, construction to completion it is essential that communication, work data, inventory planning and efficient labour usage be done for achieving timely project completion within the planned cost.

Our Software is developed to keeping the requirements, processes and industry trends in mind. It is simple to use but yet has immense potential to change the way projects gets underway to avoid delays, cost overrun and ensure peace of mind as the data flows between various players and offices seamlessly.

BUILDO guarantees that once implemented in the project

  • Inventory and Material issues
  • Manpower at site on daily basis with their work allocation
  • Allotted Works scheduled are updated daily with quantity and pictures
  • Overall progress is tracked online to identify project lag areas
  • No stoppage of work due to material shortage
  • Sub Contractors working on site are monitored
  • Billing as per completed work - Running Account
  • Rented items and Machinery are tracked real time
  • Price history of items in Purchase Orders to ensure genuine pricing.
  • Reports of all aspects of projects available on the fly.
  • Responsibility of delay, cost escalations and impact on profits fixed.
  • Calculate whether the project is in profit as on date
  • Monitor actual expenses against planned expenses as per work order
  • Tendering with DSR with analysis

Easy Construction Applic ation

BUILDO Cloud based SAAS solution - Single platform for managing all requirements of a construction project covering Planning, Estimation, Purchase, Inventory & Asset Management, Project Management and Scheduling, Project Reporting, Manpower, Sub Contractor & Vendor Management.

Mobile App for all site work, communication and collaboration.

Some of Key Features from Buildo

  • Project Planning Create BOQ, DSR and Rate Analysis, Request for Quotation, Upload Work Orders
  • Purchase and Billing Indent , Purchase Order , Delivery , Material Receipt No (MRN), Billing and Payment
  • Manpower Management Mark Attendance with In/Out Time, Daily and Monthly Report, Labour Allocation at site for specific activity on daily basis, Monitor labour working in real time
  • Snag Reporting

    Plans markup and Snag Reporting allows immediate communication between site team and management

    Option to attach pictures in report with comments and event trailing with Date & Time.

    Inventory Management to keep track of Order Delivery, Material Issue to help plan material procurement to avoid delays on account of material, prevents pilferage and help match material consumption against work progress.

  • Inventory Management Material at Site,Issue items,Addition via PO or Local Purchase,Damage and Wastage items, Machinery & Tools Inventory, Rented Items inventory, Usage in work or idle
  • Tendering and Rate Analysis DSR, Material and Work Data, BOQ creation with Rate Analysis for tendering and billing., Option to add Non DSR Work Data, Material Master covering thousands of items across various categories
  • Mobile App Site Mobile App allows continuous connectivity with the Site Team, with 2 way communication enabling a tight control over site activities.
  • Project Management and Scheduling:

    Project Work Breakdown into Worklist , Work and Activities provide a 3 tier approach.

    Scheduling, Reporting, Work Project updates allow a real time view of project progress, delays and cause and a collaborative information sharing allows action in real time.

    Work Progress Update from mobile App covers work quantity achieved on daily, weekly and monthly basis which can be matched against the planned schedule.