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Posted:2017-01-23 22:02:01


Can you pls share the details of kitchen Ventilation, and what are the options available for?

Thank you

Posted On: 2017-01-23 22:50:06

Hello Sumit

Kitchen Ventilation

proper ventilation in kitchen is essential particularly cooking the food. if there is no suitable ventilation, the cook or house wife would feel suffocation. tere are many approaches of vantilation in the kitchen. vantilation fans remove smoke and stinky air outside and maintain indoor air quality.

Options for kitchen ventilation:

Extractor Kitchen Ventilation Fan: These fans remove air having smoke or grease caused by cooking. This fan is ideal for kitchen is install over cooking top.


Ceiling Mounted Exhaust Fan: As it is clear by name that these exhaust fans are install in the ceiling to remove stinky air outside through vent.


Wall Mounted Exhaust Fan: There fans are install or hung on the wall of kitchen and remove stinky air outside.



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