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Posted:2017-01-11 21:38:35

What are the options available in tiles for bathroom ?

Posted On: 2017-01-11 22:59:39

There are two types of tiles one can use in the bathroom.


1. Ceramic - It is more appropriate for the wall. Comes under various designs and finishes. Typical size to be used: 30X60, 40X60 (in cm). Price ranges from Rs.30 to Rs.80 per sq.ft.

2. Vitrified - Homogenous tiles which are stronger than ceramic tiles and are perfect for floor. Designs are less as compared to ceramic tiles. Size: 30X30, 60X60 (in cm) Price ranges from Rs.45 to Rs.120 per sq.ft.


One can also go with Granite tiles but are expensive and require cutting and polishing.