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Interior Design Color Significance


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Posted:2016-12-29 22:26:51

What is the significance of color schemes while doing interiors in a residential building ? Is there any set of guidances ?

Posted On: 2016-12-29 22:34:55

Color Scheme is very important as it brings out the room effects and gives functional value to the room. For eg. a drawing room should have a welcoming feel as it is the room where guests are entertained. 

Brown color

Brown color induces a feeling of naturalness and comfort to your home. Because it is made of a mixture of several colors, it seems like a neutral color. 

Brown can give us a sense of security and stability. 

In interior arrangements, brown can add depth and warmth. 

The neutral color schemes you can add a bit of brown to make them more welcoming. 


White color

The psychological effects of color of white is to create a refreshing and clean look in your home. White is creates an airy appearance, quiet and pure. If in a room is used on walls, furniture or floor, white may give the impression that it is much higher than it is and can give an invigorating freshness.White color can be used to emphasize certain things, such as windows and doors frames.


Grey color

Gray interior give a formality that is subtle elegance without being too conservative. Gray color effect depends very much on the color shade that you will use. For example, if gray has a yellow tint may be depressed, especially if you have things in the room in various shades of brown. But a beautiful shade of gray, in combination with not very bright white color, can create a clean and refreshing appearance.

Posted On: 2017-01-11 23:01:30

Some more color significance - 

Black Color - Bold, Elegant and sophisticated aspect, but it should be used only to highlight certain things and not overly.

Yellow Color - Bright and Optimistic

Red Color - Resonant and Stimulating aspect. Used in kitchens to increase appetite,

Purple Color - Luxurious and expensive environment. To signify power.

Blue Color - Cool, give room a large feel

Green Color - Calm and relaxing atmosphere, Soothing,