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Identifying original natural Teak Wood


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Posted:2016-12-29 05:55:21

I have visited atleast 10-12 big dealers of Wood Timber in Bangalore but still unable to validate whether I am buying the right and more importantly original natual teak.

Any signs of identification ?? Any help will be appreciated ?


Posted On: 2017-01-11 18:51:14

It is very difficult to identify teak just by looking as the grains and color of almost every teak is similar. 


1. Grains are the most distingushing factor. 


Some of the grain design that are widely available in India.



2. Natural Teak has a good content of oil. One can distinguish by dropping few drops of water on the surface. If they are absorbed instantly, then the wood might not be natural teak.


Note: Please do not be fooled by the price. Burma Teak is expensive but do due diligence before buying.