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Different Type of Teak


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Posted:2016-12-29 00:36:18

How to identify different types of Teak wood just by looking and touching ?

Posted On: 2016-07-06 16:33:09

Teak Wood is typically imported from Burma, Indonesia, Ivory Coast and Africa. Teak available in India (also called Sangwan) comes from Nagpur region.

Every natural tree has distinct grains and that used to one of the distinguishing features. Since now all the teak is plantation grown there are lot more similarities between teak of a specific region. 

To distinguish between different teaks, please follow - 

1. Grains and Veins : On of the most important and easily identifiable feature of teak wood is it's grain pattern. Wood grains look like lines or streaks of darker color on the surface of the wood. Different teak have different streaks. Burma teak has long straight grains. Ivory Coast and African Teak have more curvy and wavy type of streaks.

2. Color :  Burma teak has golden-brown color easily separating from the rest. African and Ivory Coast have brownish color. 

3. Fragrance : Due to presence of natural oil to resist termites, pests, and decay, the oil has a faint but distinct aroma, and smells like leather. But this should be an additional test and the aroma is very faint and might also be covered by the seller. This might be more of a originality test and less of an distinguishing test.

4. Cost is also a factor but can be deceiving. Burma Teak is the most expensive followed by CP/Nagpur Teak and the Ivory Coast and African teaks.

Typically CP/Nagpur Teak is in the vicinity of Rs. 5000/- per cubic feet whereas Ivory Coast ranges from Rs. 2000-3500/- per cubic feet