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How can I choose the exterior cladding for my house ?


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Posted:2016-07-05 00:19:38
I realize that there are a lot of options for the exterior cladding for my house ? How do I choose from all the options ?
Posted On: 2016-12-29 05:16:21

There are broadly three types of Claddding for exterior of an house. They are divided over the material.

1. HPL - High Pressure Laminates is the most commonly used item nowadays. They are made of several laminates of same texture being stuck together and subjected to very high pressure to give it extra cohesion. They are various variations based on the texture and look. Typically HPL is used to give a wooden effect. It is very tough and water proof. While buying HPL, one should be sure to buy UV resistant over time it may get faded. Warranty of 10 Year is common among the major brands. Typical thickness is 6mm (which is more than sufficient) but it does come in 8mm and 12mm. Fundermaxx (German) is one of the pioneers in this product, in Indian brands Royal Touche and Greenlam are good options. 

Price Range : Rs. 200-Rs. 450/- per Sq. Ft. (Installation and Additional Material extra around Rs.100/-)


2. ACP - Aluminum Compost Panel are mose widely used in commercial buildings. They compose single or dual layers of Aluminum sandwiched by multiple material sheets. For residential cladding Aluminium should be atleast 0.2 - 0.25mm of the 4mm sheet for strength and durability. ACP comes in two variations - one has single sided front design for cladding and other one has both sided shade to be used as wall dividers. Mulitple colors, textures and Shades are available. Alstone, Alstrong, AluDecor, Alomax are some of the brands.

Price Range : Rs. 40-Rs. 60/- per Sq. Ft. (Installation and frame extra)


3. IPE Wood - It is a native wood from Brazil.  IPE is an exotic hardwood that is naturally resistant to rot and decay. It is an extremely dense, tight grained wood & generally a deep rich brown with some pieces displaying red and amber hues. It has to finished adn installation with polish to bring out the color and make it water and UV resistant. 

Cons - Over a few years (2-3), it requires to be re-polished to maintain the sheen and texture. 

Price Range : Rs. 400 per sq ft for B grade and Rs. 700/- per sq ft for A grade. (Polish, Installation and Frame costs extra)