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How to identify where water is leaking from underground sump


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Posted:2017-01-01 00:13:06
Hi, I've recently demolished my old sump and constructed a new sump since water storage capacity in the earlier one was too less. It is about 15 days now, and I'm observing that water level keeps falling about 1 to 2 feet per day... Once it reaches a certain level , the rate decreases and is about 2 or 3 inches per day. I have used good quality bricks and have used concrete to pack the space between the brick wall of the sump and the outside ground in all the sides. I have also used the recommended mix of Dr.Fixit waterproof compound while plastering the inside wall of the sump. I have inspected the walls and the floor and can't detect any noticeable cracks/gaps. Question is : is it too early to worry about leaking ? or does the new sump takes some time before it is fully cured ? If yes, how long does it normally take ? if leak is still there, what are the options I have ? should i re-plaster the walls ? the floor ? is there any paint/paste is available in the market which i can use ? How much would be the approx. cost for these ? Thanks in advance. Rgds krish
Posted On: 2017-01-01 00:13:04
Dear krish, What about the floor? Is it RCC flooring? Did you see any entry of tree root through the sump wall? NV Mani
Posted On: 2016-07-04 16:35:21
Dear Mani, thanks for you reply. For the floor, first we put big jelly stones(i think 40mm), on top of it muddy, on top of it concrete and during the last stages, one more layer of concrete mixed with waterproofing and then the final plastering. no - no roots were detected. thru the sump wall.. there were some small roots while digging, which was the reason instead of just packing sand/mud between the sump brick wall and the outside, we packed the gap (about 3 or 4 inches) with concrete. this was done while the brick wall was being constructed for every 3 feet of brick wall was over, the packing with concrete was done. Regards krish
Posted On: 2016-07-04 17:02:41
Dear Krish, It is normal that water level in sump will drop to certain level,after water supply from mains stops(when filled level of water in sump is above inlet valve of supply). Some water from sump can go back to supply line. I have observed this in spite of provision of non-return valve. Is this applicable in your case? Regards, NV Mani
prakash chandra
Posted On: 2016-11-11 09:47:32
Dear Sir/Madam, We have around 9000ltr underground water tank. About 8months back we had leak in the tank so we called the water proofing expert and he filled the crack with the Sikaflex 15LM Sausage. over it he coated FOSROC NITOBOND SBR + CEMENT+WATER and over it FOSROC BRUSHBOND RFX LIQUID + FOSROC BRUSHBOND RFX POWDER + WATER. But now we face again the same issue of water leak. Can you please suggest some permanent solution using you products.Waiting for your reply. Thank you, PrakashBangalore