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BuildnLive is best for You

Buildnlive is Estimation and Project Management Software for Architects, Builders, Contractors and Engineers. With Buildnlive you can prepare various Estimates and Rate Analysis of residential and commercial buildings. You can also prepare Detailed Estimate, Abstract Estimate, Tenders, Measurement Book, Cost Abstract, Labour and Contractor’s Bill, Purchase Order and other Project Management documents with intelliegnce system and accurate calculations in all measures of services Which will you in selection of actual product you are looking for.

The job of estimation turns out to be enormously exigent owing to the diverse nature of every project. A number of potential variables need to be taken into consideration to arrive at the final estimation cost. Along with the variable considerations, there are other client demands that follow. Illustratively, the estimators should although be idyllically free to generate “reasonable estimates” according to their judgment, yet there are instances where they are asked to come up with an estimate that suits a precise budget.

With all input from your design we will provide you compelete list of prouducts which is suitable for you with compelte description and work schedule required from outlet to functional mode. With total budget it will help you to uniformly invest in all measures of product and services to save you from over budgeting.
Instant preparation of estimate as per as design details with same terminology and methods as per as site !! Proper management and documentation of all cost and cirucullum with safe cloud data which is operatabe anywhere, anytime !!
Preparation of data according to all goverment rates as our system is providing all details, required for biding,tendering and procurement. Interconnectiong platform for all service providers,architects and clients to discuss the solution of all rates and Schedules

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